The Costs of Making a Website

NB: This post only applies to static websites (with or without CMS).

There are three main costs associated with making and publishing a website.

  • Design & Development: To publish a website on the web you need to have one in the first place. There are two main steps to that process: design and development. There are two main approaches for the price of that service: fixed and hourly rates. With fixed-rate a single price is set for the entire service, whereas with hourly rate each hour of work done is billed.

  • Hosting: Once you have a website you need to host it on servers for it to be available on the web. This service is usually billed monthly, with a discount if paid yearly. The price range for hosting can vary greatly depending on the features offered.

    For Webflow, likely the two plans that will be of most interest to you are Basic, at 12$ per month if paid annually, or CMS, at 16$ per month if paid annually. For more info check out their pricing page.

  • Domain Name: Lastly, you need a domain name for your website (e.g. This service is usually billed yearly. The price depends on the different domain name registrars and the number of features required. For example, adding email addresses on that domain name (e.g. will increase its cost.

    The price can range from around 1$ (for first-year discounts) to more than 100$ per year depending on the extension (e.g. .com, .org or .net). Domain names with the .com extension and without email addresses tend to cost between 10 to 30$ a year.

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